Seed Grants


Institute for Population Research 2021 Seed Grant Announcement

We are currently accepting applications- Due Wed. Oct 7, 2020

Application Instructions found here:


Seed Grant Program

The IPR Seed Grant Program supports affiliates in carrying out preliminary activities that strengthen applications for external funding.  Among the activities funded by IPR seed grants are piloting new instruments, acquiring data and confirming that it supports proposed research, and performing exploratory analyses. 

Subject to availability of funds, IPR aims to have two Call for Proposals per year with applications due the first Wednesday of March and October.  Please watch for an announcement confirming the semi-annual Call for Proposals is active.  IPR typically awards 4 – 8 seed grants annually, with budgets ranging from $10,000 - $85,000. 

Priority is given to multi-disciplinary projects and to junior scientists.  IPR carefully monitors the returns from IPR seed grants over subsequent years.  Associate Director Sarah Hayford manages the IPR Seed Grant Program, working closely with senior Grants Specialist Jill Morris who handles administrative matters.


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