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Generative Workshops

Successful research projects often begin with a brainstorming stage. This stage is especially necessary for team science approaches, which are highly innovative, fully interdisciplinary, and bring together scholars who have not previously worked together. These workshops are intended to promote team science for NIH grant applications.  Each workshop is expected to consist of 5-10 participants (OSU and Non-OSU). Ordinarily the workshops will take place in IPR’s seminar room, which is spacious and well-equipped. 


The proposal will be two pages maximum, consisting of:

(a) A topic for the workshop, i.e. the unresolved scientific/technical challenges to be tackled (2-4 paragraphs);

(b) A preliminary program, which describes how the workshop will be organized around talks, work sessions, group discussion, etc.;

(c) Proposed dates and listing of participants;

(d) Budget;

(e) Goals and expected outcomes/next steps following the workshop (conference papers or manuscripts, proposal submissions, further meetings, etc.).

The proposal, along with up-to-date NIH Biosketch or curriculum vitae for the workshop organizer and co-organizers, will be submitted to Grants Manager Morris.

The maximum allowable budget for a workshop will be $7500; the cost is expected to fall under $5000 except when there are honoraria for scientists invited to participate as advisors/consultants. 

Allowable costs will be: (a) Travel, lodging, and meals for non-OSU participants; (b) One or two days’ honoraria for non-OSU scientists participating in an advisory role; (c) Incidental meeting costs, e.g. coffee/tea and lunch.

Please submit questions to Jill Morris:  morris.856@osu.edu