IPR Methods Workshops


The IPR Methods Workshop is a forum where affiliates share best practices and preferred tools for conducting research.  Weekly sessions consist of tutorials, open exchanges among participants, and everything in between.  We cover a range of topics that include transparent and reproducible research, programming and statistical software (including R and Python),  statistical methods, and how to make best use of available computing resources at Ohio State.  Our hope is to stay attuned to both demand and new methodological developments, so please reach out with ideas for future workshops. 

Research Scientist Jason Thomas is the organizer of this workshop series. Some of the material presented during the workshops is available at https://github.com/buckipr.  

Registration: https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0tdeugqzoqGtGEvoM9t2wqJ31cj2rHUUfo

*Please note that only those registered for the event will receive the link to the workshop. 

Registration will only be required once for the Fall Methods Workshop.


Schedule (subject to change)

  • 09/10:  Using GitHub to Facilitate Reproducible Research
  • 09/17:  Dynamic Documents with R Markdown
  • 09/24:  Dynamic Documents with Stata (Session 1)
  • 10/01:  Dynamic Documents with Stata (Session 2)
  • 10/08:  Introduction to Python
  • 10/15:  Scraping the Web with Python
  • 10/22:  Data Visualization in R with ggplot
  • 10/29:  Data Carpentry in R with dplyr
  • 11/05:  TBA (tentatively: Data Archiving)
  • 11/12:  Computer Simulation with R and Stata
  • 11/19:  Dynamic Documents using R and MS Word
  • 11/26:  Eating Mashed Potatoes with R and Gravy
  • 12/03:  Working with Spatial data in R