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IPR Workshops

IPR R Workshops

The IPR R Working Group, led by Jason Thomas (IPR Research Scientist) and Eva Warren (IPR Graduate Affiliate and PhD student in sociology) meets regularly to present workshops and tutorials. Workshops will be held every other Friday at 11:00 am in the IPR seminar room (Townshend 038), with zoom option available. Topics include regression models in R, data management in R, R markdown and dynamic documents, and others. See details on the events page

Materials from past meetings and plans for future meetings are available on GitHub.


IPR Special Topics Seminars

The IPR Special Topics Seminar are interactive seminars designed to provide the latest tips and techniques to increase research rigor and efficiency, encourage collaboration, and support applications for external funding. 

Autumn 2023 Seminars:
IPR Special Topics Seminar I: Data Management Tips to Improve Research Rigor and Efficiency 
Thursday, September 21, 12-1:30pm, IPR Seminar Room, Townshend Hall 038 [zoom link TBA], Lunch provided.
Researchers juggle multiple projects and face long publication processes, where data analysis and coding can stretch over months (or years) and make it difficult to keep track of various data management and analysis processes over time.  Adopting good data management practices allows researchers to efficiently locate their data, understand it, and use it throughout the stages of a project and across researchers. In this seminar we will focus on easy-to-use tools, such as, modular batch scripts, GitHub, markdown, etc., which are portable across stat packages (e.g., Stata, R, SAS) and can be employed with either Windows or macOS. Join our IPR specialist, Dr. Jason Thomas, to learn about these data management practices that can facilitate well-organized research, making collaboration with colleagues and the publication process a breeze!

IPR Special Topics Seminar II: After Data Collection, then what? How to Share Your Research Data with Colleagues and Other Researchers
Wednesday, October 11, 12-1:30pm, IPR Seminar Room, Townshend Hall 038 [zoom link TBA], Lunch provided.
Data sharing is becoming an increasingly important part of any data collection effort, as the emphasis on data transparency and reproducibility grows. Data sharing can increase the scientific reach of your data, making it available to other researchers for their own questions and analyses, as well as making it easier for others to reproduce and extend your work. Starting in January 2023, data sharing plans must also be included with new NIH proposal submissions. Join our IPR specialist, Dr. Beth Boettner, to learn about data preparation and repository options available and how to plan, budget, and implement the process of sharing your data. 

For questions and suggestions, contact IPR Associate Director Kammi Schmeer.