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Graduate Studies Committee and Staff


Corinne Rubright is the GISD's administrative coordinator. 

Reanne Frank, PhD is the program's faculty advisor. Dr. Frank is an Associate Professor of Sociology and director of graduate training for the Institute for Population Research. Dr. Frank is a social demographer whose research centers on immigration, racial/ethnic inequality and health and mortality. As faculty advisor she will work with faculty to develop new curriculum and help Susan Pennington track progress for students enrolled in the GISD.

GISD Graduate Studies Committee

John Casterline, PhD is a Professor of Sociology and will serve as the chair of the graduate studies committee for the GISD. Dr. Casterline is the Robert T. Lazarus Professor in Population Studies in the Department of Sociology and the Director of the Institute for Population Research at OSU. Dr. Casterline has been selected to lead the committee because of his expertise in demography and because of his tenure as director of the Institute for Population Research which will serve as the administrative home for the program. Dr. Casterline is the PI on the R24 NIH Population Center grant awarded to OSU’s Institute for Population Research in 2009.

Trevon Logan, PhD is a Professor of Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences and a faculty affiliate of the Institute for Population Research. Dr. Logan is an economist who specializes in applied demography and economic history and whose research intersects with demography, health economics, applied econometrics, applied microeconomics and development economics. He is president of the National Economic Association and regular member of the Population Association of America. He is also on the editorial board of the demographic journal-Demographic Research.

Anastasia Snyder, PhD is an Associate Professor of Human Sciences in the College of Education and Human Ecology and a faculty affiliate of the Institute for Population Research. Dr. Snyder is a family demographer who focuses on youth development. She is currently interim chair of the department of Human Sciences. Jodi Ford, PhD, RN is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and a faculty affiliate of OSU’s Institute for Population Research. Her program of research focuses on the social determinants of health and health care, particularly on the contribution of social contexts to adolescent and young adult health and the psychosocial, behavioral and biological pathways through which they operate. Dr. Ford is currently PI on an NIH award titled “Linking biological and social pathways to adolescent health and well-being.”

Joyce Chen, PhD is an Associate Professor in the department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is an active affiliate of the Institute for Population Research (IPR) at OSU. Her research focuses on migration and household decision-making and investments in children’s human capital, particularly the roles of imperfect information and parental preferences. She has served as co-PI on grants from the National Science Foundation and the International Growth Centre.

Alison Norris, MD, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Division of Epidemiology in the College of Public Health. Dr. Norris studies sexual and reproductive health with a goal of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and improving reproductive outcomes for women and men. In particular, she has an interest in understanding how context (e.g., endemic disease, social norms, demographic factors, and cultural and institutional structures) influences health and disease. With funding from several grants (including the Institute for Population Research), Dr. Norris is currently implementing a community-based survey of 1,000 households in Malawi focusing on fertility and reproductive health.