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Physical Space

IPR has newly-renovated space in Townshend Hall Room 46 and 48.

Room 46 has a reception area with space for a staff desk, and potential for a common computing set-up. Five small windowless rooms with standalone desktops are suitable for secure data use, with the ability to implement security measures such as non-networked computers, doors with restricted card-reader access (with or without PIN numbers), and disk and/or file encryption.

Room 48 has a reception area in front with staff desk space, and a large room in back with 5 terminals/desktops suitable for a large project.


IPR Guidance on Awarding Space for Restricted Data in Townshend Rooms 46/48


  •  Projects that require physical and digital security measures to protect restricted access data that is not available in the Investigator’s department or regular office
  •  Scientific Mission – data/research project fits in IPR mission of population research
  • Active IPR affiliates
  • Preference for projects with internal or external funding that share indirect costs with IPR
    o   Projects without funding will be considered to the extent that space allows
  • Graduate Students will be given consideration for space, without the expectation of project funding

Projects will be awarded space on an annual basis, with renewal pending a review of current usage and activity, changes in security needs, and future project and IPR plans.

IPR Support for Restricted Data Projects: Dr. Beth Boettner is available to support data contract and grant applications, IRB protocols related to restricted data contracts, and scheduling.

Investigators are encouraged to discuss their project and needs with Dr. Boettner before requesting space or submitting applications to funding or data agencies. Projects that do not fall into the preferred categories may be awarded space based on current and expected availability.  

Contact Information: Dr. Beth Boettner, Data Services Manager 614-292-5139, Room 65 Townshend Hall

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