GISD Courses


Qualifying and Required Courses for the GISD

Courses for the GISD must be selected from the approved courses list:


GISD Elective Course offerings Spring 2020:

ANTHROP   8892.09 Biocultural Medical Anthropology In-person, Wed/Friday 11:10am-12:30pm, Instructor: Piperata
ECON 8853 ECON8853 Labor Economics III In-person, Tue/Thurs 12:45pm-2:05pm, Instructor: Brown
GEOG 5210 GEOG5210 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems In-person, Mon 4:10pm-5:05pm or Wed. 4:10pm-5:05pm, multiple sections online
GEOG 7102 GEOG7102 Fieldwork in Human Geography In-person, Mon 5pm-8pm, Instructor: McSweeney 
GEOG 8102 GEOG8102 Advanced Spatial Data Analysis In-person, Fri 10am-12:45pm, Instructor: Liu
GEOG 8200 GEOG8200 Frontiers in Geographic Information Science In-person, Mon 4pm-7pm, Instructor: Le
HISTORY 7750 HISTORY7750 Comparative Historiographies and Theories in Race, Ethnicity, and Nation In-person, Thurs 2:15pm-5pm, Instructor: Dragostinova 
GEOG 5103 GEOG5103 Intermediate Spatial Data Analysis In-person, Mon/Wed 11:10am-12:30pm, Instructor: Root


The GISD requires at least 10 but no more than 20 hours of graduate-level coursework, including 2 required courses: A proseminar (SOC/PUBHLTH 8802) and Introduction to Demographic Analysis (SOC 7753). 

Your course list for the GISD must be approved by your advisor and the a GISD coordinator. You must complete the GIS advising sheets and send it to GISD coordinartor, Corinne Rubright,, prior to submitting your on-line application via Gradforms.