Postdoctoral Fellow Support


The President’s Postdoctoral Scholars Program provides salary and benefit support for postdoctoral fellows to work with OSU faculty members. As part of this program, the OSU faculty sponsor must contribute to the postdoc’s salary from their own research funds or solicit department or college funds.

IPR will make funds available to support postdocs sponsored by IPR faculty affiliates. IPR will provide up to $10,000 per year to be used for salary and benefits.

To apply, interested faculty sponsors should contact IPR Director Sarah Hayford ( by one week before the submission deadline for the letter of intent. (In 2021, the letter of intent is due November 1, so requests to IPR should be made by October 25.) Please include your cv, the postdoctoral fellowship nominee’s cv, and a brief description of possible research projects to be carried out by the postdoc while at Ohio State. Selections will be made based on the potential for the postdoc to contribute to population research at OSU and over their career, with priority given to research in one of IPR’s four theme areas.