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IPR Primary Research Areas

IPR supports research in population and health, broadly defined, and IPR affiliates conduct research across a wide range of topics, disciplinary traditions, and geographic areas. Many affiliates have research interests that fall into one or more of four research themes. 

Family Demography

This research area includes topics such as marriage, cohabitation, divorce, parenting, intergenerational relationships, and child development. IPR affiliates study family outcomes and family change both in the United States and internationally. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health

IPR affiliates conduct research on the full range of sexual and reproductive health outcomes, including childbearing, contraception, abortion, reproductive health care, and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). The setting for this research is both the U.S. (especially Ohio, but also national studies) and outside the U.S. (especially Sub-Saharan Africa, but also global studies). 

Health Disparities

Research in this area analyzes the causes and consequences of disparities in health according to race and ethnic identity, economic resources, urban-rural residence, gender and sexuality, and other overlapping domains of inequality.  socioeconomic status and cause of death (especially mid- and low-income societies). Affiliates focus on careful definition and measurement of both the mechanisms of inequality and health outcomes. 

Adolescent to Young Adult Development

IPR affiliates study the factors that shape the transtion to adulthood as well as the long-term life course consequences of these early experiences. Affiliates are engaged in longitudinal data collection efforts that incorporate contextual factors at the family, school, and neighborhood level.