GISD Application Procedure

  1. The student completes (pages 2 and 3), and obtains his/her advisor’s signature. Once the advising sheet is complete, the student turns it in to GISD Coordinator. 
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  2. The student completes the on-line GISD specialization application form at Gradforms. Note: Since only one Gradform application per student can be entered, students should make sure their course plan meets the specialization requirements (9 credit hours outside the home program and must involve two or more graduate programs outside the student's home program) when they enter the application form.
  3. Once the specialization application form is entered by the student, it routes to the GISD Coordinator for approval. If the program requirements are met and the application is complete, the GISD Coordinator approves the specialization application. The student receives notification from Gradforms when it has been approved.
  4. If changes in the approved gradform specialization course plan are necessary, the student must submit a revised paper GISD Advising Sheet to GISD Coordinator. The GISD Coordinator will review it for compliance and notify the Graduate School Registration Services staff of the change(s). They will add a comment to the existing specialization application form indicating what course change(s) the student wants to make. 
  5. Upon completion of the GISD specialization coursework, the completed graduate minor will appear on the student’s transcript after the student has completed the transcript designation form available through GRADFORMS.

Questions about application procedures should be directed to GISD Coordinator Reanne Frank.

More information on GIS application procedures may be found in the Graduate Handbook.

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