Grant Writing Workshop


Conducted every summer since its launch in 2011, the IPR Grant Writing Workshop is a structured process of peer engagement and review. The workshop meets every other week during the summer, starting in late May and extending through August or into September, depending on the needs of the participants. The workshop runs on a facilitated peer-review model: participants circulate and provide feedback on drafts, led by an experienced mentor. Participants should have a clear plan and a specific timeline for submission in order to benefit most from the workshop. 

The grant writing workshop is open to faculty, research scientists, and postdocs. Applications accepted now for Summer 2023. 

The workshop is led by IPR Faculty Lead Maria Gallo. Dr. Gallo has experience in NIH grant writing and routinely serves on ad-hoc NIH and CDC review panels. She has previously taught a two-semester doctoral seminar on grant writing in the College of Public Health. She is assisted by IPR Senior Grants Specialist Jill Morris. Ms. Morris has been IPR’s grant manager for 12 years. She brings experience in grant writing (multiple trainings and workshops) as well as proposal preparation. 

The workshop will meet every other week for 2 hours, starting in late May and running through August. The first meeting of the workshop will be in the second half of May; at the first meeting, a schedule will be set for the rest of the summer based on the preferences of the group. 

Workshop participants will be invited to take advantage of two other IPR services: (i) IPR is prepared to cover the consultant fee (typically $500) for review of a draft application; (ii) Grants Manager Morris is available to provide hands-on administrative support to those submitting applications.

Those interested in participating can apply online or contact Senior Grants Manager Jill Morris ( with any questions. Applicants will be notified in early May.