Sexual and Reproductive Health


IPR affiliates conduct research on the full range of sexual and reproductive health outcomes, including childbearing, contraception, reproductive health care, and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). The setting for this research is both the U.S. (especially Ohio, but also national studies) and outside the U.S. (especially Sub-Saharan Africa, but also global studies). Topics that are the focus of multiple research projects are unintended fertility (in the U.S. and globally), contraception, and STIs (in the U.S. and in Sub-Saharan Africa). IPR affiliates have been innovative in developing new measures (e.g. techniques for estimating unintended fertility) and in testing new methods of contraception. Some of this research makes use of publicly available national surveys, such as NSFG and NLSY (U.S.) and DHS (Sub-Saharan Africa), while other projects have engaged in primary data collection (in Ohio, in various African countries). Financial support for this research is a mix of NIH and private foundations.