Mortality and Health over the Life Course


IPR affiliates’ research on mortality and health is extensive and wide-ranging. Much of this research does not fall neatly under this Primary Research Area exclusively, as linkages between health/mortality and outcomes such as reproduction, union status, and migration are investigated. One stream of research applies demographic models and methods to examine cohort trends in mortality and specific health outcomes (such as obesity). Innovative methods for assigning cause of death is another area of research, with applications to all populations but especially mid- and low-income societies. Disparities in health according to socioeconomic status and race/ethnicity constitutes the program of research of several IPR affiliates. While most of this research uses national data (U.S. and other countries), several projects led by IPR affiliates investigate conditions in Ohio – projects on infant mortality and on the opioid epidemic, respectively -- and another project examines various health outcomes among young adults in Columbus. Financial support for IPR research on mortality and health is provided by NIH and the Ohio Department of Health.