Obesity and mortality: Early origins, selection, and trajectories


Dr. Hui Zheng, Department of Sociology
Rank at the time of award: Assistant Professor


This project intends to investigate the effects of obesity on mortality from life course perspective: the effect of early life conditions on adult obesity status and how this may vary by gender and over the life course, the effect of selection biases on the estimates of age variation in the obesity-mortality link, and the heterogeneity and mortality risk of obesity trajectories. This project will contribute to the cutting-edge research in obesity: (1) whether obesity is rooted in early life conditions or shaped by concurrent adulthood conditions; (2) whether the effect of obesity on mortality may increase or decrease over the life course; and (3) to what extent obesity may pose a threat to future gains in life expectancy.

Publications resulting from this seed grant:

2013. Zheng, Hui, Dmitry Tumin, and Zhenchao Qian. “Obesity and Mortality Risk: New Findings from BMI Trajectories.” American Journal of Epidemiology 178(11):1591-9. PMCID: PMC3842899