Claire Kamp Dush

Associate Professor, Human Sciences
Faculty Affiliate
  • Research Interests: The focus of Dr. Kamp Dush's work reflects her interest in the development of romantic relationships across the lifespan. Her research centers on two general themes: 1) understanding romantic relationship quality and stability longitudinally, and 2) examining how romantic relationship experiences shape individual development, including both adult and child development. Specific interests include family structure, union quality, formation, and dissolution, relationship development, family policy, and longitudinal methods.
  • Current Research: Current work includes 1) comparative work on cohabitation dissolution and divorce, 2) identification of trajectories of marital quality across the life course, 3) change and stability of various family structures and their impacts on child and adult well-being over time, and 4) the progression of romantic relationships from dating through marriage.

Dr. Kamp-Dush's Seed Grants: 

  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 2005