Parent child health across the transition to adulthood

Dr. Corinne Reczek, Department of Sociology
Rank at time of Award: Assistant Professor
The goal of the proposed study is to develop an integrated theoretical framework and empirical analysis detailing how the health of parents and children are related as children age from adolescence through emerging adulthood and into young adulthood. This IPR pilot study will lay the foundational groundwork for a future multimethod NICHD R01 study. Both the pilot and R01 study will utilize survey data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) 79 cohort of mothers and their children (NLSY79-young adult cohort). These data allow for the linking of both mothers’ and each of their children’s health and well-being longitudinally over time, pivotal to study aims. The pilot and R01 study will further build on the quantitative analysis with the collection of a large scale, longitudinal, qualitative multi-family member interview dataset. This dataset will give new insight into the processes through which intergenerational ties shape both generations’ health (Johnson et al., 2007). These pilot quantitative and qualitative efforts are necessary to show feasibility, appropriateness, and importance of this project for the NICHD R01. The pilot data will also show the PI is the ideal scholar to conduct this study. An analytical view of unfolding tandem life course processes as children age from adolescence to adulthood is an essential step toward explaining both parents’ and children’s health and well-being, in line with NICHD’s goals.

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