Generation Debt


Dr. Rachel Dwyer, Department of Sociology
Rank at time of award: Associate Professor
Dr. Randy Hodson, Department of Sociology
Rank at time of award: Professor


In summary, the study of debt and its effects throughout the life course is, sadly, an increasingly important topic for the social sciences.  Many aspects of people’s lives may be influenced by debt, such as education, health, and family formation.  The NLS studies are among a tiny handful of sources for such data.  The analyses will follow standard models used to study these well researched outcomes, and, indeed, they must follow relatively accepted models in order to establish debt as an important independent factor beyond current models.  We are confident that this research project will yield important insights for demographic models of social change, that it will produce papers with a high likelihood of acceptance in refereed journals, and that funding agencies will continue to look upon this research as innovative and of high priority. 

Publications resulting from this seed grant    

Editor-Reviewed Articles

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Peer Reviewed Articles

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