Female genital schistosomiasis, HIV and infertility among rural Malawian women


Dr. Abigail Norris-Turner,  Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, Epidemiology
College of Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Rank at time of award: Assistant Professor
Dr. Alison Norris, Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, Epidemiology
Rank at time of award: Assistant Professor


The proposed research will take place in Malawi, a southeastern African country of 14 million people. Making efficient use of the infrastructure and data collection activities of an existing study on sexual and reproductive health decision making among women in rural Malawi—funded by an IPR Seed Grant in 2012 and a CCTS KL2 award in 2013 to co-investigator Alison Norris—we propose to characterize the relationships between genital schistosomiasis, HIV and infertility. In April 2013, OSU’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) awarded $8000 to our team to conduct a pilot project on genital schistosomiasis and HIV.  The current proposal requests Seed Grant funding from IPR to conduct a more expansive study on genital schistosomiasis and HIV than was funded by the small OIA grant, and at the same time, to expand our scope to examine schistosomiasis-associated infertility.

Publications resulting from this seed grant

Caster MM, Norris AH, Butao C, Carr Reese P, Chemey E, Phuka J, Turner AN. Assessing the acceptability, feasibility, and effectiveness of a tablet-based cervical cancer educational intervention. Journal of Cancer Education, 2015 Dec 5 PMCID: PMC4894001