Exposure to violence in adolescence, precocious transitions, and young adult outcomes: A life course approach


Dr. Dana Haynie, Department of Sociology
Rank at time of award: Associate Professor


This proposal describes a body of research designed to explore several pivotal issues involving  the developmental implications of adolescents' exposure to violence.  I will exploit the extraordinarily rich longitudinal  data collected in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health that consists of a sample of respondents interviewed  at three points in time when they are aged 11-20 (wave 1), aged 12-21 (wave 2), and aged 18-26 (wave 3). The analyses will be structured to provide answers to the following  questions:

1.   Does exposure to violence in adolescence  affect young adult outcomes?   What are the specific  young adult outcomes that are affected by exposure to violence during adolescence (e.g., criminal involvement, substance use, mental health, educational achievement, and employment prospects)?
2. Does adolescents' experiences  of precocious transitions in adolescence  (e.g., dropping out of school, substance use, teenage pregnancy  or childbirth,  marriage) or role exits (e.g., suicidal behavior, running-away  from home, juvenile or criminal justice institutionalization) from adolescence  mediate the effect of exposure  to violence in adolescence on young adult transitions?
3.  What types of violence exposure have long-term implications for adolescent development  (i.e., direct exposure vs. indirect exposure)?  Does the relationship context in which violence exposure occurs (e.g., peer, romantic-partner, family, school, or neighborhood) matter?  Does the effect of exposure to violence have additive or multiplicative effects?
4.  Are the effects of exposure to violence moderated by structural location (e.g., gender, race, and social class)?  Are the effects of exposure  to violence moderated by parental practices (e.g., parental social capital, involvement, relationship quality, and availability)?

Publications resulting from this seed grant

2011. Derek A. Kreager and Dana L. Haynie. Dangerous Liaisons? Dating and drinking diffusion in adolescent peer networks. American Sociological Review 76 (5) 737-763. PMCID: PMC4198171 

2011. Derek A. Kreager and Dana L. Haynie. "Dangerous Liaisons? Dating and drinking diffusion in adolescent peer networks."  American Sociological Review 76 (5) 737-763Derek A. Kreager and Dana L. Haynie. 2011 Dangerous Liaisons? Dating and drinking diffusion in adolescent peer networks.  American Sociological Review 76 (5) 737-763.  PMCID: PMC4198171

2009. Haynie, Dana L., Richard Petts, David Maimon, and Alex Piquero. Exposure to violence in adolescence and precocious role exits. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38:269-286.