Does wealth translate in health: Evaluating the Bolsa Familia Program in rural Amazon


Dr. Barbara Piperata, Department of Anthropology
Rank at time of award: Assistant Professor


The objective of this proposed study is to assess how the health of people in rural households in the Amazon has been affected by funds from the Bolsa Familia, which is the largest conditional cash transfer program in the world. The proposed research will clarify the links between these cash transfers and health measures and will contribute to population health research by strengthening our understanding of how social, environmental and economic factors impact the health of rural populations in developing nations.  The data from this project will be immediately useful to program planners as they develop new health-oriented projects and assess existing programs. The results will serve as a base for designing a larger, multi-site project on economic change and population health in the Amazon Basin.


Publications resulting from this seed grant

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Chapters in Edited Volumes

2019. Piperata BA. Filling the belly and feeding the mind? Brazil’s Bolsa Família Program and the building of children’s human capital in rural Amazonia. In: Elisa Maria Balen and Martin Fotta, editors. Money from the government in Latin America: Conditional cash transfer policies and rural lives. Routledge. pp 44-62.

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