Working Groups


Working groups provide an opportunity for a small set of IPR affiliates to explore research areas that are of great significance and/or newly emerging. Recent working groups have been organized for health disparities, geographic analysis of health, and complex systems analysis.

2009-2011 Working Groups

Complex Systems Analysis

Dr. Cynthia Colen, Department of Sociology

GeoHealth Working Group

Dr. Mei-Po Kwan, Department of Geography
Dr. John Casterline, Department of Sociology

2006-2008 Working Groups

Health Disparities

Dr. Kristi Williams, Department of Sociology
Dr. Reanne Frank, Department of Sociology

Propensity Score Matching

Dr. Bo Lu, Department of Biostatistics
Dr. Zhenchao Qian, Department of Sociology
Dr. Pat Reagan, Department of Economics
Dr. Kristi Williams, Department of Sociology

Social Interactions

Dr. Keith Warren, College of Social Work
Dr. Bruce Weinberg, Department of Economics

2005-2007 Working Groups

Family Demography and Family Science

Dr. Steve Gavazzi, Department of Psychology

Early Childhood Learning and Development

Dr. Claudia Buchmann, Department of Sociology
Dr. Doug Downey, Department of Sociology