David Blau

SBS Distinguished Professor of Economics
Faculty Affiliate
  • Research Interests: David Blau is a labor and population economist with research interests in the areas of demography and economics of aging, and demographic and economic determinants of child well being. He has published articles on the determinants of child care use and quality, the effects of child care on child development, the effect of family income on child development, the effects of Social Security, pensions, health insurance, and health on the timing of retirement, the interrelationship among the timing of retirement of married couples, and many other topics.
  • Current Research: Blau's current research interests include the impact of pensions and Social Security on retirement and saving; the effect of labor market rigidities on the employment decisions of older workers; explaining long run trends in the timing of retirement in the U.S.; the demographic and policy determinants of family structure experiences of children; and the impact of family structure on child outcomes. His research on family structure and children is supported by a grant from NICHD, and his research on retirement and saving is supported by a grant from NIA.
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1980